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My doctor told me I have Tennis Elbow, but I don’t play tennis. What is going on?

Tennis Elbow is a term used when you experience pain on the lateral or outer aspect of your elbow. It is called Tennis Elbow because it is often caused by the motion of holding a tennis racket in the backhand position when hitting the ball.

The clinical term for Tennis Elbow is Lateral Epicondylitis.

The muscles involved in Lateral Epicondylitis are called the extensor muscles. These muscles are responsible for extension of the wrist and fingers, for example; bending your hand backwards. The extensor muscle tendon attaches to the lateral or outer aspect of the elbow. Lateral Epicondylitis or tennis elbow is inflammation of this extensor tendon.

Playing tennis, or other racquet sports, can be the cause of this injury as it is most often an overuse injury of the tendon. However, there are other causes.

Other Causes:

Usually from repetitive strain or overuse of the forearm muscles

Repetitive activities involving prolonged or repetitive gripping


Burning or pain on the outside of elbow

Pain when using your wrist (painting, opening doors or jars, shaking hands)

Inflammation of the elbow

Decreased or weakened grip strength



Laser, Ultrasound, Soft tissue therapy


Bracing to take tension off the tendons and muscles

If you think you have Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) call the office for an appointment. A chiropractor or massage therapist can assess, diagnosis and help you manage the pain.

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